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Why are there more users on country then cities ?

You are not forced to inform country or state or the town. Most inform on the country only.

Why is my steam profile not on the site ?

I have stored all steam users from start of steam until 1/1-2017, if your profile is private or if you have not listed any data. you will not be listed on the site.

Why cant I find my town?

Some markers are in the wrong place, because steam has placed them wrongly. Sometimes you have to zoom out to find them, like in New Zealand.

Why do the markers disappear sometimes?

If you can see the ocean, between Usa and Rusland, all markers will disappear, just move back, or zoom out.


Zoom out and ind for more detailes, of users.

There are 3 zoom state, 1. see all country, 2. see all state, 3. see all cities.


Cities: 16.715.092 users - States: 26.351.377 users - Country: 46.469.296 users.

Based on: 335.108.063 steam users.



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Please slide !

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